30min Focused Hatha Flows (English) 

with Lisa

Videoserie Lisa Hatha Flow 30min.png

This 8-part series of 30min Hatha Flows offers you sequences that are focusing on a
specific body part by strengthening and stretching muscles and tendons in the target area. These videos are suitable for practitioners with some yoga experience. The following flows are included in this series:

  • Shoulder Openers

  • Hip Openers

  • Core Strength

  • Arm Strength

  • Backbends

  • Twists

  • Lower Back Strength

  • Lateral Extensions


You choose what your body needs the most or in which target area you would like to practice. The flows do not include breathing exercises at the beginning or guided Savasana at the end. You can jump right into warming up your body and choose for yourself how long you would like to stay in your Savasana.


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Single video description

1. Shoulder openers Your shoulder and chest feel tight and weak from sitting all day long? Do you have a
tendency to slouch in your shoulders? Then this 30min flow will help you strengthen the
shoulder muscles and open your chest for a healthy upper spine.

2. Hip openers The muscles around your hips are working hard all day long holding everything together. Let’s show them some love with this 30min flow where we get them warmed up and stretched out. This flow is also great if you are working on flexibility in your hips. 3. Core strength Are you working on core strength? Great! A strong core will help you in many yoga poses
for a healthy posture. Let’s fire up the core together! This 30min flow will strengthen your
abdominal muscles. 4. Arm strength Would you like to become stronger in your arms? Arm strength is important for many
poses in yoga, for example to execute a safe downward facing dog or plank pose. This 30min flow will strengthen triceps, biceps, forearm and wrist muscles for improved stability. 5. Back bends Bend so you don’t break. We will be moving into backbends in this 30min flow – from subtle backbends to deep backbends. You decide how deep you want to go. 6. Lower back strength Do you feel tense and weak in your lower back? Then strengthening and stretching the muscles in your lower back can help and improve your posture. In this 30min flow, we will be targeting the muscles at the base of your spine. 7. Twists Nothing is more important for your well-being than a healthy spine! This 30min flow will make your spine twist and like that stretch the muscles attached to it. 8. Lateral extensions Our side body, the muscles between your hips and your arm pit, deserves some attention. In this 30min flow we will be strengthening and lengthening the side body by moving into
lateral extensions.