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finding balance and trust in yourself and with others

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Acro Yoga Zürich Oerlikon Gruppenkurs

In our regular AcroYoga classes we discover together the techniques, poses and flows of AcroYoga. One topic at a time we develop a strong set of skills which will allow us to join public AcroYoga jams and practice new material independently and safely guaranteeing good spotting and a strong technical foundation to build on.


Our classes always start with a Yoga warm up with special attention given to the Yoga poses underlying the current AcroYoga topic. We will practice new material playfully in groups in which we practice all of the three roles of AcroYoga. We invite you to base and challenge your mental boundaries of “I can’t do that”, to fly and trust as well as to appreciate the beauty of giving safety in the role of the spotter. The lessons end with a cool down.


Learn some beautiful poses, fun flows and engage in a mindful group practice guided by trust and playfulness. Together we create a save and supportive environment where people can experiment, thrive, connect and inspire each other to learn things earlier thought impossible. Our classes suitable for beginners and intermediate AcroYogis wishing to refine specific elements according to the topic of the lesson. The class is held in English (but we speak German too) and our focus strongly lies on the right technicality. In addition to our classes you will get access to our video material that offers you some guidance to further practice and come back to us with questions or to receive some more explanation where you need it – that’s what we are here for – lifting each other up literally and most importantly having tons of fun.

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